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Reasons to believe

Technology for technology

Agricultural technology is evolving rapidly, and today’s high-horsepower tractors and combines demand tyres that can keep up with the pace. That is why Mitas is committed to providing advanced radial tyres to ensure your farming operation is expertly outfitted from the ground up.
If farm tyres are not up to speed with the new machinery, farmers may experience:

  • Subpar machine performance
  • Decreased productivity
  • Increased operating costs
  • Suboptimal crop yields
  • Lost profits

Expertise means everything

Given the high stakes and rewards of farming operations, would a farmer rather buy tyres from a manufacturer that dabbles in agriculture or one that focuses all its resources solely on agricultural and off-road tyres? At Mitas, agriculture alone accounts for 70 percent of business. When farmers purchase Mitas agricultural radial tyres, they can be confident in tyres engineered and manufactured to exacting standards for superior quality, durability and performance.

Tradition and expertise

Roads cover only 0.3 percent of Earth’s landmass. Forty percent is agricultural land, and the rest is new challenges and adventure. Off the road, people need Mitas tyres to provide a reliable performance with long service life, preserving power, fuel-efficient, custom-made and environmentally friendly. Mitas strives to make durable tyres with excellent traction due to a large footprint exerting low ground pressure.

Facts about tyres made by Mitas

  • The largest tyre produced by Mitas has a diameter of 7.2 feet and features 23 miles of cord.
  • The heaviest tyre weighs 1,000 pounds and contains 31 miles of cord.
  • The fastest road tyre is a motorcycle tyre that allows speeds of up to 130 miles per hour.
  • The fastest tyre is an aircraft tyre that allows speeds of up to 186 miles per hour.