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First Speedway Grand Prix victory for Matěj Žagar

Prague, 23 May 2014 - Matej Žagar has won the Mitas Finnish FIM Speedway Grand Prix in Tampere, Finland. That was the first Speedway Grand Prix victory for Mitas’ sponsored rider. The 31-year old Slovenian rider has been competing in SGP series for four years and always believed he would be a FIM Speedway Grand Prix winner.

After racing on a very demanding course, Matej Žagar said, “I am pleased with the starts but still have much room for improvement. Engines, good technical advice from my father and improvements with my German tuner worked much better; we just need a little more improvement to be ready for the next race in Prague, where there is a completely different stadium than this time, but nevertheless, I was also on the podium there.”

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