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Reasons to believe

Technology for technology

The technology is developing fast. Temporary high performance tractors, harvesters, and loaders require the tyres which keep the pace with time. If the tyres do not keep the pace with the technology of the latest machines, the users can face the problems below:

  • Lower machine performance
  • Productivity drop
  • Increased operating costs
  • Dropped revenues
  • Profit loss

Expertise above all

The customers expect the highest quality when buying tyres from the suppliers, and they select the manufacturers specialized in the field. The production of agricultural and construction tyres is the main production activity of our company. When buying the Mitas brand tyres you can be sure the purchased tyres comply with the demanding standards of quality, resistance, and performance.

Tradition and experience of Mitas brand

The roads cover only 0.3 percent of earth.  Forty percent is agricultural land and the rest are new challenges and adventures. The Mitas brand tyres provide reliable performance, they have a long service life, save fuel consumption, they are produced as required by the customer, and they are environmental. We strive to produce long lasting tyres with great traction due to the trail width with low pressure on soil.

Facts about Mitas tyres

  • The largest Mitas tyre has 7.1227034 feet dimensions.
  • The largest Mitas tyre is for agricultural purposes and it weights 1,280 pounds and contains 915 ft2 of cord.
  • The fastest road tyre is for motorbikes and it enables speed above 168 mph (design Sport Force)
  • The fastest tyre for aviation enables speed up to 186 miles per hour.