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Mitas expands its range of High Capacity Municipal universal silent running tyres for all-season use

Prague, April 27, 2021 - To keep up with the increased demand for universal tyres in the municipal services and load handling equipment segments, the Mitas brand, part of the Trelleborg Group, is expanding its High Capacity Municipal (HCM) tyre range with the launch of the new 360/80R28 IND size.

HCM tyres“The HCM tyres can be used on all terrains, from regular paved roads to mud and snow, as well as in a variety of applications for multipurpose on-road and off-road transport, from agricultural transport to municipal services and load handling work,” says Pavel Kott, Product Manager.

Specifically designed for municipal service and offering low noise levels, the tyres are suitable for a wide range of applications in all seasons.

The steel-belted radial construction and unique tread design in the central part of the tyre, give the HCM range high durability with a long service life and good steering characteristics, even at high speeds. This tread along with the differing lug width on the tyre’s shoulders, gives them exceptional traction characteristics on a variety of surfaces.

The unique tread design also improves the self-cleaning properties of the tyre, reducing potential road-cleaning costs, as well as minimizing the noise and vibration levels to improve driver comfort.

Originally launched in the market with four sizes in 2016, the HCM line now includes a total of sixteen products available for rim sizes from 16 to 42 inches. The D speed category (65 km/h) means Mitas HCM tyres are suitable for work and travel on roads.

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Mitas, part of the Trelleborg Group, is one of Europe’s leading tyre brands for agricultural machines, construction vehicles, material handling equipment, motorcycles and other specialty segments. Mitas tyres are produced in the Czech Republic, the United States, Serbia, Slovenia and Sri Lanka, and promoted through a global sales and distribution network.