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Construction and material handling professionals share their experience about Mitas tyres. Read their testimonials below to find out more.

Tyre World Offers Mitas Tyres Exclusively to Their Customers


Tyre World was established in 1967 and has been locally owned and operated for over 50 years. We have built and maintained a loyal customer base through building strong business relationships. Tyre World’s philosophy is to act as a partner with our customers and assist them in being successful by minimizing their tyre and service expenses. This is done by finding and providing products that give the best value per mile with trucks, or with construction and material handling products – the lowest cost per hour of service.

In the construction and material handling business – customers need two things from their tyres:

  • Maximum hours of service – lowest cost of service per hour
  • Durability – resistance to tears, cuts and punctures

Over the years we have assisted our customers in reaching these goals –long life and durability.

This has come as some expense to Tyre World. Selling tyres that last longer and perform better most often results in fewer tyre sales to individual customers. Providing poor value tyres that wear out quickly or fail due to a lack of durability usually results in the customer replacing/buying more tyres. Good for sales, bad for the customer – but this is not a relationship that both Tyre World and the customer equally share in success. And the customer will come to realize this – and look elsewhere to lower their tyre expenses. This is precisely why we choose to sell quality products.

When it comes to construction and material handling tyres, Tyre World has chosen to sell exclusively Mitas products in all available sizes. Mitas products are the longest wearing and most robust tyres we have found. We provide Mitas to customers with full confidence that we are going to lower their tyre and service expenses. We carry the Mitas product for forklifts using pneumatic tyres, backhoes, skid loaders, telehandlers, shooting booms, compactors, graders, loaders and other construction equipment. As such, our customer’s initial investment in purchasing a quality product is offset, often two or threefold over a single construction season.

We have several customers that were once buying two or three sets of 12 – 16.5 skid loader tyres a season from a competitor –that are using the set we sold them in 2017 in the middle of the construction season. It is the same with 12.00-24 and 14.00-24 telehandler tyres. They last longer and are more durable –more chip, cut, tear and puncture resistant.

For our customers that install poly fill flat proofing material in their telehandler tyres and skid loader tyres, they are experiencing three times the tread life over other manufactured products. This represents a massive savings – purchasing fewer tyres AND most impactful to the bottom line- purchasing less quantities of expensive poly fill.

Mitas is quite simply the best and most cost-effective product we have found.

Chris Roberts – Manager – Tyre World Truck and Construction Tyre Center