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Agricultural, construction and material handling professionals share their experience about Mitas tyres. Read their testimonials below to find out more.

Mitas tyres are the winning choice for ploughmen

Mr Watkin stands in front of his Case 885L tractor, shod with Mitas AC85 tyres.
Mr Watkin stands in front of his Case 885L tractor, shod with Mitas
AC85 tyres.

Mitas is the winning choice for one of the most successful match ploughmen in Wales, Evan Watkin. Anyone who witnessed the torrential downpours that affected the 2019 and 2018 British Ploughing Championships will know the impact that the correct set of tyres can have.

For Evan Watkin, who has had consistent success on a national and world level, the rubber is as important as the tractor and the plough. “Whether I’m competing in a local match, at the Welsh or British nationals, or at the World Championships, I need to know that my tyres can handle all sorts of conditions and soil types. I don’t want anything to impact the quality of my plot,” he says.

Mr Watkin has been ploughing competitively since 1985. In that time, he has won the Welsh Championships thirteen times, made it onto the podium at the World Championships seven times (three gold medals, three silver and one bronze) and last year added Supreme Champion of the British Championships to his trophy cabinet. This year he will represent Wales at the World Championships in Russia, hoping to add to his trophy cabinet.

Mitas AC85 tractor radial tyres

“Small adjustments make all the difference in match ploughing, so
I need tyres that will be consistent and reliable,” explains Mr Watkin.

He uses Mitas AC85 340/85 R38 (320/85 R24s at the front) on his Case 885L, which is equipped with a Kverneland AB85 auto-reset match plough. The Mitas AC85 has a less aggressive tread so it’s gentler on the land. It retains that grip, so even when it’s pouring with rain and the ground is slick, I know I’m not going to smear the soil or damage my workmanship.”

Ploughing across the world means that the tyres need to handle a range of conditions. It might be dry, like in the picture above, or sodden like the 2019 British Championships.

The ability to work in all conditions is more pressing than most, as Mr Watkin has used Mitas branded tyres on many international fields. “They’ve been all over Europe, from France and Germany, across Eastern Europe and up into the Nordic countries. While I wasn’t able to ship my own tractor over to Canada or Australia, Mitas supported me with both of those trips. This year, the AC85s will be put to the test in Russia,” he explains.

Farmers Cooperative is one of the Mitas’ dealers in North America. Their tyre centers service a wide range of vehicles, most commonly agricultural equipment throughout Nebraska and Kansas. They carry a wide range of Mitas agricultural tyres. Farmers Cooperative Tyre Centers replace and fix tractor tyres when and where you need on or off the field.

About Farmers Cooperative

Farmers Cooperative has a long history dating back to 1903. Since then lot of changes in growth with mergers and acquisitions happened. In June 2002, they adopted the name "Farmers Cooperative" and have continued to grow to meet the needs of farm producers. Today, they have over 60 locations that spread throughout southeast Nebraska and northeast Kansas with the main focus on grain, agronomy, energy, feed, lubricants, and tyres.

Watch this video to see why American farmers count on Mitas tyres from Nebraska Tyre as "Quitting is never an option." Click here to shop online and for more information on Mitas tyres.

About Otto Farms Dean Otto from Otto Farms, Inc. in Adams, Nebraska is one of Farmers Cooperative’s customers. Dean has been farming with his family since 1988. Otto Farms deliver high-quality food to America and beyond. The team at Otto Farms constantly monitors farming practices and improves where needed to preserve the quality of planting and harvesting. Dean Otto has Mitas tyres fitted on his tractors, combines and sprayers.

Tire World offers Mitas tyres exclusively to their customers

Tire World Truck Center was established in Salt Lake City in 1967 and has been locally owned and operated for over 50 years. They have built and maintained a loyal customer base by building strong business relationships. Tire World’s philosophy is to act as a partner with their customers and assist them in being successful by minimizing their tyre and service expenses. This is done by finding and providing products that give the best value per mile with trucks, or with construction and material handling products – the lowest cost per hour of service.

In the construction and material handling business – customers need two things from their tyres:

Maximum hours of service – lowest cost of service per hour

Durability – resistance to tears, cuts and punctures

Over the years they assisted their customers in reaching these goals – long life and durability.

This has come as some expense to Tire World. Selling tyres that last longer and perform better most often results in fewer tyre sales to individual customers. Providing poor value tyres that wear out quickly or fail due to a lack of durability usually results in the customer replacing/buying more tyres. Good for sales, bad for the customer – but this is not a relationship that both Tire World and the customer equally share in success. And the customer will come to realize this – and look elsewhere to lower their tyre expenses. This is precisely why they choose to sell quality products.