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Mitas Tyres on CAP Mover

Chambers American Products, Inc. has selected Mitas HCM tyres

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Chambers American Products, Inc. (CAP Mowers) located in Pioneer, Tennessee. Mitas HCM tyres became a perfect fit for their new 2020 Savage Mower.

Our partnership with CAP Mowers

CAP Mowers has released their latest Savage Mowers equipment with Mitas HCM tyres. Our partnership started at the 2020 National Farm Machinery Show, the largest indoor farm show in the USA, where the Mitas team worked together with CAP Mowers in understanding their needs and provided the right solution of choosing HCM tyres. They wanted durable and puncture-resistant tyres with smooth road performance from a proven brand. The Mitas 400/80 R 24 HCM 144D (149A8) TL tyre was selected for their self-propelled road-side mower.

Mitas HCM tyres meet the needs of the customer with design and performance.

Mitas High Capacity Municipal (HCM) Tyres

Mitas HCM tyresMitas HCM tyres are designed for reliable all-season use and suitable for all terrains and applications. These HCM tyres are the perfect choice to handle the tough conditions of roadside mowing due to its steel-belted radial construction. While at the same time giving the operator a smooth and comfortable ride thanks to the different lug sizes and positioning around the circumference.

Mitas HCM tyres are produced in 14 sizes. You can choose from 340/80 R 18 to 650/65 R 42. For more information about these Mitas tyres, click on the HCM product page and check availability and price at your nearest Mitas local dealer here.