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Mitas CR tyres are road crane specialists

Mitas radial tyres for mobile cranes are among the most mature products in the Mitas range for construction and material handling machinery. These stand out primarily through their high load capacities, mainly achieved thanks to their all-steel construction.

The Mitas brand today offers three sizes with the CR-01 tread pattern, supplemented by a single size with the modified CR-02 tread pattern. Compared to its predecessor, the CR-02 tyre offers a symmetrical tread pattern with differently arranged shoulder sections, and reduced rolling resistance and heat generation during operation. Its construction reduces noise levels at all speeds and improves both user comfort and fuel economy.

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Information about Mitas CR tyres

The Mitas CR-02 tyre is manufactured in the 445/95R25 174F size, which has a static load capacity of 16,750 kg (inflated to 9 bars). Even at its top speed of 85 km/h, the load capacity remains 6,500 kg (again inflated to 9 bars).

“We developed the Mitas CR-02 tread pattern in cooperation with the construction machinery manufacturer Liebherr, and we succeeded in achieving even lower fuel consumption than with our CR-01 tyres. We are currently supplying the “zero-two” as an aftermarket tyre, but we are also in talks with precisely this manufacturer regarding original-equipment supplies,” says Jaroslav Musil, Mitas Product Manager for material handling & construction tyres. Two CR-01 version sizes are, however, already being supplied to this firm as original equipment for their mobile cranes.

Mitas crane tyres design

Both Mitas crane tyre tread patterns are designed for speeds up to 85 km/h, and their all-steel construction gives them low rolling resistance, which is positively reflected in fuel consumption. The open tread lugs give them excellent traction and self-cleaning ability. The durable tyre carcass is suitable for retreading, and the Mitas CR-01 tread pattern enables service life extension through regrooving. The tyres are labelled M + S and thus meet winter operation requirements. They are also homologated according to the EU standards 92/93, 2001/43 and 2005/11 concerning noise reduction. They are manufactured for 25-inch-diameter rims with tread widths from 385 to 525 mm.

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