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Mitas to introduce new motocross tyres at MX Woodstock

Prague/Glen Helen, November 26, 2014 – Mitas will display new motocross tyres at Red Bull Day in the Dirt #17 in Glen Helen, CA. As a proud sponsor of this legendary motocross race, Mitas will unveil its new C-25 (front) and C-24 (rear) tyres for use on extra-soft and muddy terrains and the C-27 (front) and C-26 (rear) tyres for use on extra-hard and rocky terrains. MX Woodstock is held November 28 to 30, 2014.

“Mitas’ dedication to motorcycle riders and racers for generations in Europe is now growing stronger in the United States,” said Ksenija Bitenc, managing director for Mitas Moto. “With Mitas’ successful involvement in the Flat Track as well as the Vintage scene in the United States, and following the long tradition of our brand in motocross and extreme enduro, it was logical to support the Red Bull Day in the Dirt 17.”

Mitas C-26 rear motocross tyre for use on extra-hard and rocky terrains

The all-new Mitas C-25 and C-24 tyres boast excellent self-cleaning properties and riding characteristics on sand and muddy terrains. Mitas C-25 and C-24 will be released for sale in January 2015. Other new products in the motocross tyre segment are Mitas C-27 and C-26. Their main advantages are good durability and optimal riding properties on rough terrain. These tyres will be available in December 2014. New profiles will be produced in the two most popular dimensions: 80/100-21 and 110/90-19.

Mitas will display its Motocross and Enduro tyres to the U.S. off-road community at two booths located by the Glen Helen Raceway. Mitas will also offer tyre-testing and technical advice for visitors.

MITAS a.s is one of Europe’s leading producers of agricultural tyres. Mitas manufactures and sells tyres under three brand names: the company’s own Mitas and Cultor, and Continental under licence. In addition, MITAS a.s. produces and distributes a wide range of Mitas-branded industrial and motorcycle tyres. MITAS a.s. is a member of ČGS HOLDING a.s. and operates three production plants in the Czech Republic, one in Serbia and one in the USA, and maintains a global sales and distribution network.

Savatech d.o.o. is a European manufacturer of industrial rubber products and tyres. Savatech’s Moto Programme manufactures and sells tyres under the Sava brand name. Following the acquisition of Savatech by ČGS Holding a.s. [the parent company of Mitas] the Sava brand name on Savatech-made tyres will gradually be replaced by the Mitas brand name.