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What’s New in the World of Mitas?

The latest tyre solution presented at SIMA 2019! The Mitas brand, as a part of the Trelleborg Group, will present its latest agricultural tyres at the SIMA 2019 international agribusiness show in Paris, France.

These tyres below are examples of the latest agricultural tyre technology, which ensures reliability of farming operations, provides field-work efficiency and guarantees excellent product quality during the entire life of the tyre.

The 1050/50R32 178A8/178B SFT TL MI tyre is a representative of the Super Flexion Tyres (SFT) developed for the modern tractors and combine harvesters. Their flexible sidewalls deliver maximum load capacity at the lowest possible inflation pressures for better traction and optimum soil protection, even with the heaviest equipment. 

This tyre is capable of carrying loads of up to 12,750 kg (2.8 bar; 10 km/h cyclic) and has a maximum speed rating of 50 kilometers per hour. Designed to meet the specific needs of farmers, with the new SFT, the Mitas brand demonstrates its constant commitment to quality and customer focus in the harvester tyre segment.

High Capacity Municipal tyreThe 650/65R42 IND 176A8/171D HCM TL MI extends the Mitas High Capacity Municipal tyre portfolio. These tyres are particularly suitable for municipal and road maintenance tractors and are designed for all-season use.

The outstanding features of these tyres include high durability thanks to the steel belted radial construction, the unique tread pattern in the central part and exceptional traction characteristics. Different lug width on the shoulder ensures better traction in deeper terrain. The HCM tyres offer excellent self-cleaning properties with low noise emissions and vibration. A highly versatile tyre, the Mitas 650/65R42 HCM can be used on municipal tractors, telescopic handlers and loaders.

Mitas HCM tyres are offered in sizes from 24 to 42 inches with a maximum speed rating of 65 kilometers per hour. Two new sizes were released at the end of 2018 and three more will be released during 2019.

Constant tyre pressure at any speed – this is what Mitas VF (very High Flexion) tyres offer farmers. The VF 480/80R46 175D HC2000 TL MI is displayed on the Mitas stand C 021 in hall 7 at SIMA.

The lower inflation pressure of the VF tyres provides excellent traction efficiency and simultaneously better ground protection thanks to reduced soil compaction. The tyre on display allows a maximum load of 6,900 kilograms (3.2 bar) with a speed rating of 65 kilometers per hour.

Agriterra 02The Mitas 850/50R30.5 IMP 182D AGRITERRA 02 TL MI tyre represents a new generation of fast and powerful agricultural tyres designed for non-driven agricultural mechanisms. It is gentle to grassland thanks to its high positive tread pattern share and round shoulder and can carry a load of 8,500 kg at a maximum speed of 65 kilometers per hour and a nominal inflation pressure of 4 bars. The maximum tyre load is 15,300 kg at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour.

The Agriterra 02 tread pattern is used for the majority of Mitas flotation tyres, which feature low noise emissions and fuel consumption, as well as rolling resistance.

Emil Houška, Mitas Marketing Manager, said: “At SIMA 2019, we are demonstrating that we are continually investing in extending the Mitas tyre portfolio. This process will also continue this year and we will release dozens of new tyre sizes and versions to meet farmers’ demand, offering quality and reliability for modern Agricultural.”

Mitas will be present at SIMA 2019 from 24 to 28 February at stand C 021 in Hall 7

Mitas, part of the Trelleborg Group, is one of Europe’s leading tyre brands for agricultural machines, construction vehicles, material handling equipment, motorcycles, bicycles and other specialty segments. Mitas tyres are produced in the Czech Republic, the United States, Serbia and Slovenia, and promoted through a global sales and distribution network.