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SHEAVE LINERS Our sheave liners are produced semi-finished with press curing technology. They have the following features:

  • Semi-finished products with ideally oriented polymer chains and product uniformity.
  • Low deformation in the initial curing phase for superior product uniformity.
  • Press curing technology to eliminate flaws in the product, e.g. porosity and surface defects.
  • No extra surface finishing is required after curing.
  • A flawlessly smooth product.

DESIGN The liners are available in a wide range of ring dimensions and groove shapes to satisfy many applications and purposes according to the facility (e.g., chair ski lifts, any type of reversible, bi-cable or gondola ropeway, surface lifts, etc.).

APPLICATIONS Mitas sheave liners are suitable for use in all types of ropeway facilities. We also offer custom-made dimensions and designs.

Warranty conditions for rubber sheave liners The sheave liners are guaranteed for a minimum of 30,000 km of running life under the conditions specified by the ropeway manufacturer. The warranty is valid for 18 months from when the liners are put into use but no longer than two years from the date of invoice. Installing sheave liners beyond two years is solely the responsibility of the facility’s operator.

Specially Designed Mitas Tyres

Mitas branded tyres in ropeway stations are exposed to specific loads that create stress on the tyres. The advantages of our specially designed tyres compared to standard designs are:

  • Tread design B19 – longitudinal grooves – direction of rotation = direction of force → less wear.
  • Tyre tread profile with bigger radius – bigger contact area
    • better grip → lower specific pressure on the tread’s surface
    • reduced wear.
  • Specially developed tread compound – provides low abrasion, secure grip, low heat build-up, and is highly resistant to ageing.

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