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Mitas extends flotation tyre product range

Prague, 17 February 2015 – Mitas announces Agriterra 02 and Agriterra 03 flotation radial tyres range extension. Nine new sizes will be available as of March 2015. One of the main advantages of Agriterra tyres is their low operating costs with a positive impact on fuel consumption. Steel belt construction ensures higher loads, stability at higher speeds of more than 30 km/h and improves the tyre's puncture resistance. Agriterra’s tread features larger tread voids, improving the self-cleaning properties of the tyre. Thanks to the well-designed tread pattern, Mitas flotation tyres have an 11% larger tread contact area than premium competitors and 22% larger than competitors with a traction type of tread pattern.

“Flotation radial tyres are intended for use on the heaviest agricultural implements, such as slurry tanks and grain trailers. In the first quarter of 2015 Mitas will have in the product offer 12 variations of flotation radial tyres,” said Pavel Kott, Mitas’ product manager for agricultural tyres. “Mitas is oriented on what benefits farmers. Flotation tyres can bring them higher yields thanks to lower soil compaction caused by flotation tyre during field operation.”

With Agriterra, farmers can save on fuel costs. In comparison with premium competitor tyres, fuel consumption during road transportation at 30 km/h is 8% lower. During field operation at 10 km/h, fuel consumption is 9% lower. These characteristics of Mitas Agriterra flotation tyres are achieved through the unique design of the tyre tread pattern.

A deep tread ensures better tyre life. Mitas flotation tyres can work at as low a pressure as one bar up to four bars. Better pressure distribution has a positive impact on soil compression. While comparing Agriterra with premium competitors, the permanent compression of soil after crossing of the trailer is 4% lower and even 14% lower compared with competitors with a traction type of tread pattern. Pressure can be adjusted according to application or depending on the type of surface. Agriterra tyres are compatible with central inflation systems for easy and quick change of tyre pressure.

Agriterra 02 850/50R30.5 IMP will be Mitas’ largest flotation tyre. With a diameter of 1.6 metres and a radial steel belt construction, the 850/50R30.5 has a ‘D’ speed category allowing speeds of up to 65 km/h boasting a maximum load of 8,500 kg at 400 kPa. It will be displayed during SIMA fair at Mitas stand E016, Hall 3.

Beside three sizes of flotation tyres already on offer, Mitas introduces nine new sizes available as of March 2015:

  • 750/60R30.5 IMP AGRITERRA 03
  • 650/65R26.5 IMP AGRITERRA 02
  • 850/50R30.5 IMP AGRITERRA 02
  • 710/45R22.5 IMP AGRITERRA 02
  • 650/55R26.5 IMP AGRITERRA 02
  • 710/45R22.5 IMP AGRITERRA 02
  • 560/60R22.5 IMP AGRITERRA 02
  • 600/50R22.5 IMP AGRITERRA 02
  • 800/45R26.5 IMP AGRITERRA 02

Measurements done by the Research Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Prague and the Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague in the Czech Republic on 28 – 30 May 2014. Measured on tyre size 600/55 R26,5. Tractor MF8470, trailer Annaburger HTS 20 B.79.

MITAS a.s is one of Europe’s leading producers of agricultural tyres. Mitas manufactures and sells tyres under three brand names: the company’s own Mitas and Cultor, and Continental under licence. In addition, MITAS a.s. produces and distributes a wide range of Mitas-branded industrial and motorcycle tyres. MITAS a.s. is a member of ČGS HOLDING a.s. and operates three production plants in the Czech Republic, one in Serbia and one in the USA, and maintains a global sales and distribution network.